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GOODLIFE COFFEE offers both traditionally Classic Italian Espresso, as well as 3rd Wave Espresso.  
Our Classic blends will transport your palate to a caffe in any piazza or via of Italy.  The classic italian barista 7-8 grams extracted in a 2 oz shot., 

Tasting Notes:

Dark Decadent Chocolate

Caramelized Sugar

Roasted mixed nuts

Perfect for: espresso, double espresso, macchiato and small cappuccino

award winning imported Certified Espresso Italiano.  Our well-balanced blends that produce a dazzling crema and contains flavor notes of: Baker’s chocolate, rich dark caramel, and hints of nuttiness.

Local Roast Artisan Espresso Blend  70/30 Arabica/Robusta blend (perfect for espresso & traditional cappuccino)

(3rd Wave Espresso)

Our single-origin (100% Ethiopian Sidamo) 3rd Wave Espresso made popular by coffee scene in Australia, The American Pacific Northwest, and Brooklyn Hipsters.  This is a totally different experience.  Think bright & fruity, sour notes so bold that they hold up well in large milk based drinks. The coffee flavor holds up well when paired with milk.

Tasting Notes:





Perfect for: lattes & cortados 

Drip Coffee

 Drip Coffee

Single-origin Coffee

Both are light roast drip coffees that have floral notes, and leave your palate with a sweet fruity taste.


Our Medium roast blend is the perfect cup of drip coffee, full-bodied, smooth taste, and finishes clean.  This is our best seller. 

Dark Roast Cofee

Kenya AA
Both full bodied dark roasts with nutty and dark cocoa note.

Cold Brew

Black Velvet

Our Cold Brew Coffee is and made without additives or preservatives. Simply put, it’s magnificent coffee.
We train your staff the entire cold brew process (5lbs, filtered water, steeped a full 16 hours for optimal flavor.)

Our Black Velvet Cold Brew is a medium Roast 100% Arabica blend that is extremely low in acid and tastes incredibly smooth, sweet, bold, & full of body 

Single-Serve Espresso 

ESE Espresso Pods

Nespresso Compatible Capsules

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Goodlife Coffee Company offers everything you need to maximize your coffee experience 

Coffee Bar Essentials 
(Decaf Coffee,   Decaf Espresso, Tea, Chai, Oat Milk, Hot Cocoa, & Syrups)

Barista Accessories
Tampers, Frothing Pitchers, Knock Box, Machine Cleaning Supplies, Kettles & Pour Over

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