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Our MISSION is simple.  We elevate coffee.  From crop to cup, we take special care to source superb beans. 

Goodlife Coffee Company looks to supply people who share our passion for all things coffee/espresso. We do this by providing your business with:

ARTISANAL PRODUCT – our fresh roasted coffee beans are of the highest quality. 

KNOWLEDGE – we ensure your staff uses optimal brewing, extracting, and pouring techniques.  We provide you and your staff with: 

·       Barista Training  

·       Coffee/Espresso Product and Machine Education

·       Menu Consulting 

MACHINE MAINTENANCE and SERVICE- Goodlife Coffee Company installs, diagnoses, repairs, and maintains all types of drip coffee equipment, espresso machines and grinders.  We also guide you to the machines that best fit your company’s needs. 

Are you interested in setting up a coffee shop or bar in your existing retail location?  Let us help you set-up a free consultation and focus in on your specific needs. 


Contact us at   or call us at (718) 718-207-5012.

For more information on how we can help provide the best coffee and espresso experience for your business, please contact us  or call us at (718) 718-207-5012.

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