Our Philosophy

At Goodlife Coffee, we know that simply sourcing the best beans is not enough.  It takes enthusiasm and special skills to transform our product it into the perfect cup.  We do not just drop off your order and run out the door.  We always keep a watchful eye to ensure that your business is following our 7 point check list.

Source high quality espresso beans (Goodlife Beans)

The correct roasting time & temperature

3rd Wave = 100% Arabica Single-Origin

Traditional Italian Method = 70% Arabica / 30% Robusto
to achieve the perfect crema

High quality espresso machine

Right temperature
(194-204 degrees Fahrenheit)

Right pressure
(9 bar (135psi) of brewing pressure)

High quality
Change blades regularly
• Flat Blades change every 400-500 kgs
• Conical blades change every 800-1000 kgs
Dialed in and set correctly for DOSE

too fine<–>over-extracted burnt

too coarse<–> under-extracted watery

Frothing pitcher
Tampers Tamping mats
Cleaning tools

WATER = secret ingredient for best espresso extraction. Always use a water filter to ensure purity and optimal flavor results. The filter must be changed periodically.

The barista controls the grind, dosing, and brewing process. Your staff must be fully trained and knowledgeable.Goodlife Coffee Company offers our clients Barista training sessions to optimize your coffee experience.

On a daily basis Clean dirty equipment. Run water through grouphead and scrub off all loose coffee with your brush.Backflush your groups with cleaning powder (dime size amt) with blind screen. With cleaning powder, run machine for 10 secs on, and then 10 secs off repeat 5x. Repeat entire process without powder. Clean your portafilters. Clean your steam wands with liquid cleaner weekly.

We provide the most accurate experience for the new american coffee scene, receptive to both traditional and 3rd wave experience.


  • Source the best beans, blends, and coffee products
  • Traditional Italian Espresso (Classic)
  • 3rd Wave single-origin
  • Locally Roasted in Small Batches Beans
  • Delicious COLD BREW
  • Variety of Drip Coffee Options
  • Espresso Machine maintenance & repairs
  • Coffee Equipment Sales & Leasing
    -Complete staff coffee training
  • Coffee Shop Consultations
  • Complimentary In-Depth Tasting
  • Event coffee catering